Friday, 15 May 2015

2 Ingredients to Squeaky Clean Brushes and a Full Purse

Friday, 15 May 2015

So recently I learnt a recipe using things you can find around the house and I had to try it. So my ECOTOOLS Brushes are a little worse for wear due to my laziness of not washing them and this has literally been my saviour. So enough of me babbling on, let's get started!


1/2 Natural Olive Oil
1/2 Gentle (you have to get gentle if you don't want to ruin your brushes) Normal Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

Begin by mixing your 2 ingredients in a normal plate. I used this plate I've had since who knows when, simply because it had ridges and reminded me of the expensive brush cleaners (which are no different really) 

Here's the Olive Oil I used, nothing special but just make sure there is no nasty preservatives or anything that could possibly ruin your brushes in there.
Super cheap soap, I chose this because it states that it is gentle (and pink aha) An alternative to this is baby shampoo, although it is not anti-bacterial so all the nasties will still be in your brushes, but if it's urgent then Baby Shampoo (or normal) will do.

Because of the soap, the mixture should froth an make a perfect substance to wash your brushes. Now just run the tap water and swirl the brushes the brushes around the plate. 

It's that easy, and cheap. Let's do some comparing.

 mac studio fix brush cleaner: £11

my brush cleaner: £3

So you just saved around £8 and my substance is better for your brushes as well.

Thanks for reading!
Eva xx


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    Meme xx

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