Friday, 30 January 2015

5 Tips for Clearer Skin: Tricks and Hacks

Friday, 30 January 2015

Let's face it, we all worry about our skin. A new spot is brewing, and what do I do? How can I prevent others from saying hello? But don't fret, I have all your questions answered right here.

Moisturise More
It sounds obvious, but can make a huge difference. Your skin needs moisture, and it will lack if it's not given some. As the seasons change, so does your makeup routine, but the amount of moisturiser you use should not. Take advantage of about the only makeup product that looks good when you slap it on!

Hydrate Yourself
Yes, you've heard it one thousand times but I'm about to tell you again. Water does not only keep the skin youthful, but makes you feel energized as well. If your having serious skin problems, not drinking enough fluids may be the problem you've been dismissing. 

Find The Right Products For You
It may take a few weeks, it may take 4 years. But eventually you'll find the right products that you'll keep placing on the shop counter. Also, don't be afraid to explore. It may be the cheapest product in a high-street store that just works. I know that the Garnier Moisturiser was a tiny sum of 3.99, but I swear by it.

This is such an important thing to do. By increasing blood flow, exercise can nourish skin cells and keep them vital. It just generally gets your blood pumping. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to your skin.

Don't Stress
Easier said than done I know, but it's seriously something to consider. Don't keep stressing about stupid homework assignments and focus on the positive. It will make you happier and your skin will benefit, what more could you ask for!

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Thankyou so much for reading,
Eva xxx


  1. Great tips :)

  2. Great tip's Eva, always a pleasure to see your blog posts.

    Meme xx

    Latest post out now 'Waterstones Mini Haul'

  3. Great post! I think exercise is the most important!

  4. lovely post with very good tips! I did something similar on my blog not too long ago, if you're interested in taking a look!
    Krista | Love, Krista - Advice from your Online Esthetician

  5. Great tips! Love your blog and the fact we're similar age so I can relate!! xxxx

    1. Thankyou! I can't believe someone is actually the same age haha, most people are older! xxx


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