Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Your Winter Style Guide

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

We are in the midst of winter, and I know that at this time most people are fed up of keeping up with the trends and just want to keep warm. I must admit to doing this. But what if I told you that you can look fab and still keep warm? In this style guide I've done my research and put together a little style guide for you lazy fashionista's (like me).

First things first (queue Iggy A), is of course jumpers. I know I have a sparse collection of about 4 jumpers, that I just keep wearing in an ongoing cycle. Now this is where you need to pull out your summery blouses. Try to match your colours, as we all know clashing colours just bring down the whole outfit. If you have an understated, cute necklace add that under your blouse for a dainty touch.

My feet are cold and I want to wear my warm socks, but they wont go with my boots! 
Don't worry, everyone faces this problem. I know it's hard to swap your old, holey socks but I can make it a little easier. Places like Primark and Topshop sell the cutest of socks, with little frill detail and pretty colours. Add them to your boots, and you have a frill accent peeping over your favourite pair of boots, perfect!

And finally for coats. Yes, it's tempting to throw on your old coat from 4 years ago but their are so many cuter options out there for very little money. For example, I purchased a yellow long coat from Primark a few days ago for only £10! You could also through in the big seasons trend, blanket cloaks. You can see me styling mine in my Perfect Winter Outfit On Budget post.

(all picture sources from pinterest)

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful! If you did, it would make me smile if you left a comment or a like.
Eva xxx


  1. Those boots! What a comfy looking sweater, definitely a winter look book.

  2. One thing I absolutely love is thick warm socks, get so excited to get them out in winter.
    Eva I really enjoy reading your blog so I have nominated you for The Liebster Award.
    Check out my latest blog post

    Meme xx

    1. One of my favourite parts about winter! Thankyou, will check that now.
      Eva xx

  3. I think I've fallen in love at first sight with those boots! x

    1. I know they are just gorgeous!<3
      Eva x

  4. This post is so cute! I love the shoes- who is your style icon? X


    1. Thanks! Me too- definatly Jennifer Lawrence! She's so classy and sophisticated x


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